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I joined Schrodinger Studio as 'Social Media Manager'.

This small-sized content creation agency focused on luxury sectors such as fine dining, the equine industry and luxury interior design.


My role as a social media manager was to provide our clients with answers and solutions to their social media problems; build an audience, improve their visual identity, help with the launch of a product etc...


For Ecuries D'Ecaussines, the high-end international stables, horse training, and competition horse accommodation owned by Christophe Ameeuw, creator of the EEM and the Longines Masters Series, they looked to modernised their social media presence and grow their audience. 

After research, photoshoots and video shoots, I was able to present a new visual identity and content strategy for the Ecuries' account.

Much more in line with their high-end positioning. 


For Jenifer, a French celebrity who wanted to launch her own Home Decor line, I created a mood board aimed at launching the brand.

The brand did not have a name, logo or finished products at the time and the challenge was to create and convey a certain identity and branding without knowing much about the finished products. 


After a first logo and name were chosen, we organised a photoshoot in a chic Parisian apartment.


Using this content I was then able to build a more realistic and accurate strategy which was delivered to the client. 


Grip events logo

Grip is an AI powered matchmaking technology aimed at event professionals. The smart app and platform facilitate meetings and connections between professionals during trade shows, conferences and other big scale events. 

During my almost two years at the company within the marketing team, I single-handedly managed the brand's social media accounts, raising brand impressions to 900k in 13 months, redesigned, optimised and re-wrote the website, and had a key role in lead generation campaigns creation and implementation, was a lead on email marketing campaigns, organised and planned lead generation events.



The Tall Blonde started as a side hobby during my university years. And quickly became a profitable side business. 

After creating an online blog for fashion and beauty tips, I experimented and developed the social media channels linked to it. 

It was my first experience with social media as an actual business and by 2019, I had reached 10 000 followers on Instagram and was regularly making an income from it. 

I learned how to create and build a community, grow my audience, build a visual brand and create qualitative content that resonates with my audience and the brands I was working with. 



Rebranding a historical town? Challenge accepted.

That was the challenge of the city of Saint-Hubert in Belgium.


The city wanted to revamp its communication and visual identity in order to attract new inhabitants.

As a group project spread over a year and a half, we modernised the communication and image of this historical town famous for being the 'European Capital of Hunting and Nature'. 

My work included;

1. A new logo, a new visual identity and a fresh new website

Going from a multiple centuries old coat of arms to a modern, sleek and colourful new logo. A new graphic charter, easy to use on all formats and which brings the new image of the town together.

2. A 'Tiny House' and a whole marketing campaign around it

As the symbol of this new identity, we built, with the help of the inhabitants, a 'tiny house'. This tiny house also served as a base for our communication strategy. 

3. Content creation: visual content ready to use

We provided the town with a large database of photos, videos, and social media posts and strategies for them to use. 


Belgian rock band Jacle Bow caught Warner Music's eye when they organised their own US tour all by themselves back in 2015. They roamed the USA in a van and performed in bars across the country.

One of the team members filmed the whole thing and created a Tour Vlog.

The challenge? Creating a communication campaign that will help promote the band in Belgium. 

The solution? After touring the US, the band will tour their fans' living rooms! 

We then created a whole communication campaign around a series of 'live at homes' concerts for the band to organise across the country. 

Deliverables: a website to host the new marketing strategy, a fresh bash of photos of the band, a social media strategy and content for them to post and use during the execution of their campaign, a promotional video.

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